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Our Products are Recommended by Doctors.
Lyn Hanshew, M.D.
The critical question we all must ask before taking any prescription drug, over-the-counter drug or nutritional supplement is “Is this product safe and effective?” The CDC reports that prescription drugs taken as prescribed are the third leading cause of death in the USA.
In my opinion, this is a very serious situation that we must consider as we work towards optimal health.

For over 20 years, I have been searching and researching natural products that are evidence-based, effective and safe. It is wonderful to finally have found Solutions Immunity Enhancement Intra-oral sprays. This complete product line has been proven to be safe, effective and is prescribed by conscientious healthcare practitioners in over 15 countries. This powerful line of detoxification and nutritional support products is scientifically based upon extensive research which ensures powerful, positive results you can feel without any dangerous side-effects that commonly occur with pharmaceutical drugs.

It is very important that you are aware that all colloidal silver products are not created equal.
It is my professional opinion, based upon extensive, independent research that SOLUTIONS IE Colloidal Silver formulations are the most effective, scientifically-based biomedical silver formulas available with a proven safety record.  These proprietary colloidal silver formulations have over 30 patents world-wide. No adverse effects have been reported in over 20 years of use. There is no risk of “turning blue” (argyria) due to the patented manufacturing process.

In my professional opinion, the SOLUTIONS IE product line consists of well-researched, effective and safe choices to enhance your immunity and promote your optimal health. I personally use these products and heartily recommend them to my family, friends and colleagues as superior alternative choices to pharmaceutical drugs.       

Lyn Hanshew, M.D

Fighting the dreaded bug? Relax and reach for Total Colloidal Silver® 120 PPM, the most effective biomedical silver available and prescribed by health wise doctors in over 15 countries. Providing powerful immune system support, Total Colloidal Silver® will help keep your family healthy during every season of the year. Only Total Colloidal Silver® by SOLUTIONS IE® has been independently tested for over 20 years and is backed by over 30 patents worldwide. Total Colloidal Silver® has been proven capable of rapidly killing an enormous array of disease causing organisms; literally oxidizing the cell wall of gram positive and gram negative bacteria as well as naked virus and fungus.

Take the recommended maintenance dose of Total Colloidal Silver® daily to maintain optimal immune system support. If you have used and enjoyed the effects of any other colloidal silver, we guarantee you will love the benefit you receive from Total Colloidal Silver® 120 PPM. Just spray, swish and swallow. Total Colloidal Silver® has a mild, pleasant taste.

Allergy Season Plus

Allergy Season Plus® is safe, effective and has no side effects!

Soothing allergy season relief is just a few sprays away…

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"We Love the Colloidal Silver Formulas®!"

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What is it?
Silver has been known for its medicinal and antimicrobial properties for thousands of years. Hippocrates, “Father of Medicine,” used silver for tissue repair & wound healing. The ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome used silver to control bodily infection & prevent food spoilage. The King of Persia used silver containers to carry water to prevent contamination. Throughout the ages, the ‘Metal of the Moon’ as it was known to some of the ancients has been used effectively for numerous medicinal purposes.

Prior to the 1938 colloidal silver was the principle antibiotic treatment in the United States, prescribed by thousands of medical doctors. At that time colloidal silver was considered to be very high-tech. In the last several decades, major colloidal silver technology advancements have been made enhancing safety and efficacy.

Ailing Antibiotics
Unfortunately, when antibiotic drugs were discovered, clinical use of colloidal silver as an antibiotic was discarded. Antibiotic drugs have been wrongly prescribed for colds, flu and other viral infections that don't respond to antibiotics, as well as for simple bacterial infections that would normally clear on their own. Now after years of overprescribing, antibiotic drugs have lost their effectiveness. Over the past few decades drug companies have shifted their research and development efforts to more lucrative drugs. And thus, the limited development of new antibiotic drugs has not kept up with the ability of bacteria to become resistant.

The Return to Colloidal Silver
Colloidal silver is considered to be the most universal and nature’s own antibiotic; killing bacteria, virus, fungus and more, and all without side effects. In fact, properly formulated colloidal silver has been proven to be useful against over 650 different infectious microorganisms.

Boost Your Immune System. Stay Healthy.
Colloidal Silver Formulas® should be taken every day to bolster immunity, and reduce susceptibility. Think of the effect as having a secondary immune system. Take 10 sprays before getting on an airplane, going into a hospital or when you feel something coming on.

Older people report feeling younger as their body energies are used for processes other than constantly fighting disease. Digestion is also improved. Medical research has shown that colloidal silver promotes more rapid healing with less scar tissue even in the case of severe burns. Colloidal Silver Formulas® are tasteless and won't upset your stomach. Natural, safe and effective, SOLUTIONS IE® Colloidal Silver Formulas® have been sold to tens of thousands of customers over the last 20 years with 100% satisfaction.

Our Products are Recommended by Doctors.
Lyn Hanshew, M.D.
“The secret to glowing skin, radiant beauty and vibrant health is not applied topically as topical skin creams do not treat the cause of accelerated aging. Premature aging and nearly every chronic disease process is related to toxicity. Toxins and pathogens ravage cells, tissue and organs including the largest organ of your body, your skin, causing undue stress and adding years to your appearance. Damaging toxins like mercury and lead must be cleansed from the inside out. Want to look and feel ten years younger? Cleanse your body from the inside and you will see extraordinary healing take place on the outside. After treating and helping thousands of patients return to health, one thing I’ve always noticed is the amazing physical transformation that always takes place. Acne, under eye darkness, dry skin, age spots, obesity and more are mere signs of pronounced toxicity. Combining Total Silver® and Total Zeolite® as the most effective silver and zeolite products available, I recommend Total Body Cleanse® as the first and most important step you can take towards radiant beauty, vibrant health and longevity.”

Lyn Hanshew, M.D

Oral Sprays

Just spray, swish and swallow.

It’s easy to stay healthy with SOLUTIONS IE® Intra-oral sprays…

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