Colloidal Silver Plus® Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the main difference between Colloidal Silver Plus® and other “colloidal silver” products?

Colloidal Silver Plus® is a powerful and comprehensive antimicrobial going far beyond colloidal silver formulas in both antimicrobial and healing effect. Independent studies prove to Colloidal Silver Plus® to be far more effective in killing pathogens than Argentin, SilverMax, or any other brand of colloidal silver. Total Colloidal Silver® is anti-viral, bactericidal, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic, killing Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Candida and Rhinovirus at 99.99999% in less than 3 minutes. As performance benchmarks, these are extremely difficult pathogens to kill. Competing colloidal silver formulas have very mild antimicrobial effect when compared to Colloidal Silver Plus®.

What is the Colloidal Silver Plus® protocol for severe infections such as MRSA, or severe cold or flu?

Remember, immunodeficiency is always caused by toxicity. It is always going to be more effective to remediate the toxic body burden of toxic heavy metals using Total Zeolite® Extra Strength; in conjunction with alleviating severe pathogen burden with Colloidal Silver Plus® when addressing acute or chronic infections.

How safe is Colloidal Silver Plus®?

Colloidal Silver Plus® has also been proven extremely safe via independent Acute Oral Toxicity Studies.

How do you determine the efficacy of Colloidal Silver Plus®?

The killing effect of any antimicrobial or antibiotic can only be determined by properly performed kill time studies. All kill time studies using Colloidal Silver Plus® have been performed using The Scientific Association Dedicated to Excellence in Analytical Methods (AOAC) standards at some of the top independent microbiological laboratories in the world. SOLUTIONS IE® has sponsored over 500 kill time studies in the last 10 years alone.

Does Colloidal Silver Plus® interrupt the floral balance in the intestine?

Sustained use of Colloidal Silver Plus® has not shown any evidence of destroying the intestinal microbiota of the intestine. However, you cannot live on earth anywhere today and breathe, drink or eat without getting some exposure to chemicals that are considered insecticides and or pesticides. Therefore we recommend taking a high quality probiotic every day of life.

What is the half life of Total Colloidal Silver®?

Half life is the time it takes for the blood level to decrease by half after discontinuing product use. Therefore, if ingestion of Colloidal Silver Plus® (which has a half life of 15 days) is discontinued, and the blood level at the time is for discussion sake 20, in 15 days the blood level will decrease to 10.

What is the content of Colloidal Silver Plus®?

120 Parts Per Million (PPM) 99.99% pure silver colloid hydrosol .

What silver particle sizes are provided in Colloidal Silver Plus®?

Colloidal Silver Plus® contains a very safe size range of pathogen lethal silver particles - from 0.4 microns down ionic. This proprietary ‘killing range’ of silver particles is significant when addressing broad spectrum pathogen burden, and represents another feature setting Colloidal Silver Plus® apart.

Colloidal Silver Plus®? is currently offered in what sizes?

Colloidal Silver Plus® is currently offered in a 60 ML Intra-oral spray and a 120 ML Intra-oral spray.

Is Colloidal Silver Plus® patented?

Yes. The silver technology of Colloidal Silver Plus® is backed by over 14 patents to date.

Will weather elements affect the product (heat or cold) if when delivered if customer cannot pick up immediately, sits at home or outside a Doctor’s Office?

SOLUTIONS IE® products can only be affected if it is cold enough to freeze the product (splitting the bottle) or hot enough to melt the bottle.

What is the shelf life of the SOLUTIONS IE® formulas?

As long as the formulas are kept at room temperatures and out of direct sunlight, they will remain effective for decades.

Do your formulas react to the plastic bottles?

We use the very high grade High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) plastic because Colloidal Silver Plus®  is very active. HDPE plastic is used for many packaging applications because it has excellent moisture barrier properties as well being lightweight and flexible. HDPE plastic has good resistance to chemicals, which is why it is commonly used to package many household and industrial cleaning products including detergents, bleaches, and even acids. HDPE is extremely resilient in this regard, (much more so than PET or other types of plastics, including glass) and therefore does not leech contaminants into the product.

Do you recommend taking Total Colloidal Silver® before going to the places with high-risk presence of pathogens, such as hospital, airplane or visiting the infected person?

Taking a therapeutic dosage of Colloidal Silver Plus® is an excellent way to achieve very high immunity protection for a solid 24 hours and more.

Are there any side effects associated with using Colloidal Silver Plus?

There is absolutely no risk of Argyria or toxicity associated with the use of Colloidal Silver Plus®. We also have a 15-year history of many thousands of patients using our colloidal silver without complaint. As a matter of medical silver use in history, there were over 5 million prescriptions of silver dispensed in the United States in 1929. Out of those 5 million users, there were no cases of Argyria associated with colloidal silver preparations.

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